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Anna Nicole Smith
Anna Nicole Smith became one of the most well-known models in the world since she was selected to represent GUESS in its numerous ad campaigns begining in 1992. A native Texan, she is certainly more the '50s starlet than the typical '90s model. Anna's voluptuos 5'11" (39-27-39) proportions put her in a league with Jayne Mansfield and Jane Russell. Anna's rise to fame is a true Cinderalla story. At 24, she entered and won the Playboy Magazine cover contest and was ultimately discovered by Paul Marciano, President of GUESS. Anna first modeled for GUESS in its San Antonio campaign and went on to model for its Miami and New York campaigns. Anna was quickly recognized due to her tremendous exposure in GUESS advertisements which were placed in the top international fashion magazines. In 1993, Anna won Playboy magazine's coveted Playmate of the Year title. In addition, several popular television programs in the United States such as Entertainment Tonight, The Tonight Show, Larry King, Arsenio Hall, A Current Affair, Inside Edition, E! Entertainment and Regis and Kathy Lee have interviewed Anna. Anna's first screen tests won her roles in The Naked Gun 33 1/3 and Tim Robbins' film, The Huddsucker Proxy

Anna Nicole Smith is to the internet what Pamela Anderson was to Baywatch, (The Best Thing On It.)
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Anna was brought into this world in in a small Texas town called Mexia in 1967. Her real name is not Anna, but it is Vickie Lynn Hogan. When she was growing up her father abondend her and she was shipped between her aunt and her mother. When Anna was 17 years old she met a man by the name Billy Smith (16) who she married and in the same year they had a baby boy named Daniel (1984). Anna Nicole Smith got started in the big time with her GUESS ad campaign in 1992. Anna being from Texas was a godess from the start. She is a gorgues 5'11" with dimensions (39-27-39) that put her in a leauge of her own. When Anna turned 24 she started into the world of Playboy and won the magizine cover contest, she was then discovered by Paul Marciano, the President of GUESS. Anna was noticed world wide because she was the GUESS girl and the GUESS ad's that she was in all over the world. There was no where for her to go but up. The year was 1993 and if you were to pick up a Playboy you would have seen Anna Nicole Smiths finest hour, she had won the Playmate of the Year. With this honor she became highley sought after and became and instant talk show personallity. Anna was on such televison programs as Entertainment Tonight, The Tonight Show, Larry King, Arsenio Hall, A Current Affair, Inside Edition, E! Entertainment, and Regis and Kathy Lee. Anna was also in a few movies such as The Naked Gun 33 1/3 and Tim Robbins' film, The Huddsucker Proxy.

Everyone knows Anna Nicole Smith as the Blond Bomb-shell that has rocked the world and media of all forms. Anna has been involved in some very carzy things, such as her marriage to

Real name: Vickie Lynn Hogan
Date of Birth (location)
28 November 1967, Houston, Texas, USA
Height 5' 11"
Occupation: Actress/Model
Playboy Playmate of the Month May 1992
Playboy Playmate of the Year 1993
She began modeling at 20
She likes lying in bed, watching TV and shopping

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