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Britney Jean Spears was born December 2, 1981 in Kentwood Louisiana and has grown to become the most popular celebrity on the planet. According to her mom, Lynne, Britney was a very sweet and lovable baby. She started talking early and she also started showing her talent! Lynne says that as soon as Britney got to her feet for her first toddling steps, she became interested in music. Little Britney learned to dance as soon as she was steady on her feet, and her love of music helped her learn her steps. She studied at the prestigious Off-Broadway Dance Center and at the Professional Performing Arts School. During this time in her life, Britney's face became familiar to the public, even if her name wasn't. She appeared in several national commercials. She also was a part of some Off-Broadway productions including 1991's Ruthless, based on the 1956 thriller The Bad Seed. Britney says she enjoyed playing an evil child...that it was a lot of fun! When Britney turned 11, she was finally old enough to don a pair of ears and become part of the "Mickey Mouse Club. She was part of the club for the next two years; singing, dancing and acting with the troupe on the popular TV Show. After the program folded, Britney returned to her hometown to go to school for a year like any high school freshman. But she quickly tired of that, and missed traveling and performing. Truly, Britney got a big break with the Micky Mouse Club when she was 11, where she first met her friends from 'N Sync, Justin Timberlake and Joshua Chasez (JC).

As you know, lots of Hollywood talk is going round about Britney & Justin gettin busy with each other. For the record, Britney has said in several interviews that she and Justin have kissed, but that they are not boyfriend and girlfriend. She's also said that she is still a virgin and plans on remaining pure until marriage. She told Howard Stern in an interview that she consulted a psychic who predicted she'd marry at the age of 23 to an older man with dark hair, which would seem to count out Justin. She did contradict these claims though during a recent press conferance in which she said her favorite position was "on top" [well, maybe she didn't mean sex, but on the album charts!] This speculation has seemed to overshadow her 2nd album release. Another issue that is constantly debated are Britney's boobs. In fact, in a recent appearance hosting Saturday Night Live, she parodied that very claim by having mechanical, gyrating hooters, it was quite a site! In any event, it is abstracts.net's opinion that Britney's breasts are the real deal. Several pictures that have chronicaled her knee rehab seem unlikely to be staged and despite the fact that she does look less endowed in BOMT, she was and is still growing, and you cannot discount the effectiveness of push up bras and bra inserts. Besides, the girls just a musician, not a porn star! For now, there is endless speculation going either way as to who Britney is involved with as tabloids say one thing one day and Britney's reps say the opposite the next day. Also, there seems to be a lot of fantasy scenarios and rumors of Britney posing nude or being naked in a movie, we doubt this will happen anytime soon, as it could have a negative effect on her career at this age. That's not to say she won't be in a movie, she's said that after touring for her 2nd album she may explore opportunities in film, including a spot in Grease 3.

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