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Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera is perhaps the most talented of the recent Disney mouse ear wearing bunch to hit the music scene. Her debut album Christina Aguilera rocketed to the #1 position in its initial week, outshining hip-hop icon Puff Daddy, selling over 250,000 copies. In listening to her talented range, it sometimes is difficult to believe this diva was only born on December 18th, 1980.

Christina began performing even as a child. Born in Staten Island, New Jersey and raised in Wexford, Pennsylvania, Christina was singing the national anthem at a variety of events in her hometown area. And at the age of 9, Christina appeared on Star Search, only to leave empty handed (what little did they know!). A few years later, Aguilera landed a role on the Mickey Mouse Club. From there, Christina went on to sing Reflection for the Disney movie Mulan, which got her a nomination for a Golden Globe award in 1998. Then, Aguilera began recording her debut album with RCA. The subsequent release of the single Genie in a Bottle caused an explosion of interest in the singer, with the single selling 500,000 copies and hitting #1 in the charts. Absent through Christina's rise to the top was her father Fausto, whom until January of 2000 she hadn't seen for 12 years. Aguilera has made claims that she is a victim of domestic violence according to recent National Enquirer reports, a charge which her grandfather angrily denies. Christina's friend Ashley Hickcox though claims the story is indeed true. As far as her dating life, like Britney, little hard evidence is known. She has admitted to having a crush on MTV's Carson Daly, as has Britney Spears, so apparently the cold as ice relationship between the two ex-Mouseketeers has competitveness both musically and in the sex department. It is unknown whether Carson has seen either of the divas nude to this point though, but based on the little hand holding sweet talking happening when Carson introduced her on MTV's New Year's show after she sang, it seems quite obvious something was up.. And given the reported strip show the two attended at an Atlanta club the night before the Super Bowl, many have speculated they are indeed an item, though recent reports have Carson currently seeing MTV House of Style supermodel Tara Reid. Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst seems to be moving in on Carson's territory though, as earlier this year Rick Dees reported he visited her on the set of her second video several times. The most recent dating rumor for Christina has been Enrique Iglesias, whom the New York Post claims the two were dancing nasty together late at night in a New York bar. Christina says of her relationship with the Latin hunk "I do have fun on the side. Enrique and I have actually maintained friendship since the Super Bowl" she added "He's just...he's a wonderful person, really down-to-earth and for as gorgeous as he is, you wouldn't expect him to be. It's really cool talking to someone like that." The most recent dating fact has been she's been dating one of her dancers, Jorge Santos, whom she's also been living with. A friend confided "Jorge is a good, down to earth guy and Christina feels like she can be herself with him instead of trying to live up to something she's not."

Christina is already preparing for a second album and also has her eyes set on acting, claiming in a recent AOL interview that she's already been approached with movie offers, but for now is concentrating on her music career. Besides the second 'regular' album, she'll be recording a Christmas album to be released later this year in addition to a Spanish version of her current album. One aspect of music that Christina isn't appreciating is rapper Eminem and his depiction of Christina as a blowjob giving hoe. Christina and the song's targets of her sexual trists, Carson Daly and Fred Durst, all deny any involvement with each other. Eminem claims it was an 'eye for an eye' for comments Aguilera made on MTV's What a Girl Wants, claiming "She went on MTV talking about my personal business. She heard a rumour that I was married, and then she started trashing my video talking about, 'Doesn't he have a song about killing his daughter's mother? You know, I'm so against domestic violence and I always tell my friends if you're in an abusive relationship."

Name: Christina Aguilera
Residence: Wexford, PA
Birthplace: Staten Island, NY
Date of Birth: December, 18, 1980
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
* In Feb 2000, won Grammy for Best New Artist
* In 1998 she recorded the song Reflection for the movie Mulan
* Mickey Mouse Club cast member at age 12
* Favorite Sport Baseball
* Favorite pets are CATS
* Favorite color is Pink
* Favorite Food: Meat and potatoes 


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