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Jason Behr was born on December 30, 1973 in Minneapolis Minnesota. He began acting at age five in theatre in his hometown. He continued acting unprofessionally during his school years.
Jason Behr moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting seriously when he graduated from high school. Upon his arrival, he immediately began landing roles in TV and in movies: such as Pleasantville, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Dawson's Creek. He is currently working on the show Roswell, as Max Evans, a teenage alien.

Actor Jason Behr, born December 30, 1973, a native of Richfield, Minnesota was on ABC Series 'Push' which was cancelled. He has made appearances in the movie "Pleasantville" with Reese Witherspoon and on series '7th Heaven', 'Buffy, The Vampire Slayer', and 'Dawson's Creek'.Behr stars in a new series this fall, Roswell. It's on the WB at 9EST. The series is based on books 'Roswell High' by Melinda Metz.

Jason, 25, currently lives in Los Angeles, California.
Jason has 3 brothers..John,Aaron and Andrew.
A brown spotted dalmation named "Joplin".
Is a certified ski instructor
Competed in the Celebrity Pro-Am Classics Tour.

Orientation Day At ROSWELL High: Four-limbed Earthlings On One Side, Four-winged Aliens On The Other.

It could also be called, MY LOCKERMATE'S AN ALIEN, for those not tuned in to the "classmates from Mars" premise of the new fall TV spooker, ROSWELL. Still, no matter how strange your own high school friends are/were, they can't compete with Jason Behr's character, Max Evans, who, along with his sister Isabel (Katherine Heigl) and best pal Michael (Brendan Fehr) descended from little green men who crashed here from space seeking shapely Earth "action". It makes that infamous Area 51 location outside Roswell, New Mexico sound like Inspiration Point.

But, even green aliens get the blues, and Max begins feeling a bit empty, having never been given all the details of his family tree. So, imagine the trauma when he falls in love with waitress Liz (Shiri Appleby), who serves up mystery dishes at the local Crashdown Cafe. To tell, or not to tell?

It makes Romeo &Juliet's dilemma look tame. Playing this role promises to be more appealing and complex for Jason who was last seen as puffy rich kid, Chris Wolfe, on
DAWSON'S CREEK, and as a creepy ex-squeeze on BUFFY. The producers of ROSWELL promise a new twist on the space-scare genre, with bi-planetary relationships and hunky law enforcer, Jason Peck, who eventually catches on. Maybe if things get too out of control, Fox Muldur & Dana Scully could drop by to chaperone the intergalactic school dance.

But until then, remember, not only is the "truth" out there... but it's trying out for football and serving detention
after school. Spotting "another kind of alien" washing up on shore, as the kitchen help at James Beach applauds

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Jason Behr moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting seriously when he graduated from high school.
Jason Behr moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting seriously when he graduated from high school.

Behr stars in the TV show "Roswell"
Behr stars in the TV show "Roswell"

Behr at a movie premiere.
Behr at a movie premiere.

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