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What do 19-year-old Lance Bass from Mississippi, 22-year-old D.C native JC Chasez, 21-year-old Joey Fatone Jr. of New York, 26-year-old Pittsburgh native Chris Kirkpatrick, and 18-year-old Justin Timberlake of Memphis all have in common? They make up one of the hottest dance-pop vocal groups ever. These five boys from all over the United States met in Orlando Florida, where the Backstreet Boys also originated.
"JC" and Justin first met while performing on the Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club with their good friend Britney Spears. After the Disney show was cancelled, Justin accompanied "JC" back to Tennessee, where they both worked on solo careers in Nashville. A short while later, "JC" and Justin moved back to Orlando where they met Chris Kirkpatrick. The three became fast friends and met up with Joey Fatone while out at a local Orlando dance club. Recognizing the energy that they radiated, this quartet decided to form a group, there was only one thing missing, someone to sing the bass. That is where Lance Bass - yes that is his real name - fits in. Lance puts the finishing touch on the sounds from these five guys that could not be more perfectly described than N’Sync. In 1997, N’Sync signed a recording contract with RCA Records and recorded their self-titled debut album. It was decided that they would first release their record in Germany, which had also worked earlier for the Backstreet Boys. N’Sync was embraced by the German public while on tour to support the album.In 1998 N’Sync returned to the states triumphant, confident and ready to release the album in the U.S. With a Disney Channel special, and radio and television exposure, N’Sync has snowballed into one of the biggest pop acts today. You can catch them in a city near you on the "Ain’t No Stopping Us Now Tour 1999" or in the fall opening up for Janet Jackson. The five young men who make up 'N Sync came from all over the U.S. to form a band in Orlando,
FL that then became an overnight sensation in Germany. Confused?
You needn't be. JC, Joey, Justin, Lance and Chris have come together, with a self-titled debut RCA Records album.

The record, originally released on BMG Ariola Munich, was produced by several top-name producers,
including dancemeister Denniz Pop (Ace of Base, 3T, Robyn), and has already sported two giant smashes.
The anthemic pop-soul of "I Want You Back" went Gold in both Europe and the United States.
The dance-floor pulse of "Tearin' Up My Heart," their latest release, is one of the most played songs at Top 40 radio this summer. In August, with the help of their first hour long television special, 'N Sync In Concert, on the Disney Channel, 'N Sync's debut album earned Platinum status and entered the Top 10 on Billboard's charts.

How they met?

The group's roots are based in the Orlando meeting of Washington DC born "JC" Chasez,
and Memphis, TN native Justin Timberlake
on the set of the Disney Channel show, "Mickey Mouse Club."

After the show ended, JC and Justin found themselves in Nashville at the same time working with the same vocal coach and writers, but on separate solo projects.
Justin was then called back to Orlando, where he hooked up with Pittsburgh, PA expatriate Chris Kirkpatrick.
The trio then met New Yorker Joey Fatone in a local Orlando club.
The four would go out clubbing where their slick dance-floor moves had everyone wanting to know what group they were in.

Thus inspired, the quartet decided to form a band and started looking for a bass voice. Through Justin's vocal coach in Tennessee, the group hooked up with blonde-haired, green-eyed, 18-year-old Clinton, Mississippi crooner James Lance Bass AKA Lance, who fit right in with his characteristic basso profundo. The bandmates may have come from all over, but JustiN, ChriS, JoeY, LansteN (Lance's occasional nickname) and JC discovered immediately they were 'N Sync.

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