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Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson was born in 1967 in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada. She was the first baby born this day in Canada earning her the title "The Centennial Baby". The Andersons received cash prizes and awards for having the first baby born in Canada on this day, Canada's 100th Birthday. Shortly after that, her family moved to British Columbia. While Pamela was sitting in a library listening to a story, a photographer took a picture of her which was quickly placed in all the libraries in British Columbia. Pamela's teen years weren't anything out of the ordinary, she excelled in virtually every sport she played, but her favorite sport was Volleyball, although she loved to play sax in the school band and with friends. In 1988, Pamela moved to Vancouver to feel the life of the big city.

She started working as a fitness instructor when the direction in life changed. It was the summer of 1989 when she was invited to see a Football match. One of her friends was a representative for Labatt's beer breweries. A cameraman found Pamela in the crowd and put her image on the big screen. Obviously she suddenly began modeling for Labatt's as the "Blue Girl". A freelance photographer based out of Vancouver took a few pictures of Pamela sent them to Playboy, who liked what they saw, and in October of 1989, Pamela did a cover for Playboy, and obviously this increased her popularity enormously.

David Hasslehoff, saw Pamela on a television show and convinced her to join "Baywatch". Pamela has starred in several other roles outside of Baywatch including "The Taking of Beverly Hills", "Snapdragon", "Raw Justice", "Mike Hammer", "Velda" and "Barb Wire". In 1995 she met the man destined to be her husband: Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. During the party where they met, he came right up to her and licked her face! After four days of courting and endless parties, the two were married on a beach. Pamela wearing a white bikini and Tommy wearing a set of shorts, and they soon had two babies.
Unfortunately their relationship soon saw trouble because of Tommy violent behaviour, and they divorced after a great struggle. One year later they were together again.

1989 was the year of Pamela Anderson's first big break. At that time she was working as a fitness instructor in Vancouver. She had attended a professional football game with friends when a cameraman focused on her. She was projected onto the stadium's big screen wearing a Labbatt's T-shirt (a major Canadian beer maker) which caught the attention of a Labbatt's manager who signed her on as a model for the "Enter the Blue Zone" campaign.

Playboy became aware of this campaign, leading her to appear on the magazine's cover in October 1989. After this, Pamela played small parts on various television shows, including Married with Children and Home Improvement. Her role as Lisa on Home Improvement lead to her spot on Baywatch. Through high school she was active in sports particularly volleyball in which she won trophies. Her goal in life stated in her high school yearbook was "To be a California beach bum." Pam was the first baby of the Canadian Centennial to be born in the area. Pamela dated some famous bachelors, including Sylvester Stallone, Dean Cain, and Scott Baio which she was briefly engaged. Ultimately, she married Motley Crue drummer Tommy in 1995.

Talented and vivacious Pamela Lee has begun to establish herself as one of the most popular actresses with international film and television audiences.
A native of Canada, Lee was born on Vancouver Island, and later moved to the city of Vancouver. It was while she attended a British Columbia Lions football game that Lee was "discovered" in a most unusual way. Dressed in a Labatt's Beer T-shirt, her image was transmitted on the stadium's wide screen. The fans cheered the beautiful girl, and she was brought down to the 50-yard line and introduced to the appreciative crowd.

As a result, she was signed to a commercial contract with Labatt's and became the company's "Blue Zone" girl. The campaign was so popular that other commercials and advertising assignments for Lee soon followed. Due to the recognition from these commercials she was soon approached to do her first cover for Playboy magazine. Pamela has since gone on to grace the cover an astounding five times, more than any other woman in the magazine's history. With the success and recognition she garnered from Playboy, Lee soon moved to Los Angeles where she spent two seasons in the top-ten ABC Television hit series "Home Improvement" as Lisa, the Tool Time Girl. It was on "Home Improvement" that she captured the attention and affection of viewing audiences nationwide.

At the same time, Lee was cast as 'C.J. Parker' on the internationally successful series "Baywatch," but because of the impossible schedule of working on two hit shows, she eventually left "Home Improvement" and remained full-time on "Baywatch." She now stars on one of the most phenomenally popular television programs of all time, which is seen in 140 countries worldwide.

Recently, Lee made the transition into the feature film arena, starring in Dark Horse Entertainment's action comedy "Barb Wire." Distributed by Gramercy Films, "Barb Wire" was released in the spring of 1996. In addition, Lee was featured in the CBS movie-of-the-week, "Deader Than Ever," a hip and updated Mike Hammer mystery, co-starring Rob Estes. She recently co-starred in the television movie "The Evolution of Mr. E.," adapted from the H.G. Wells short story, where she portrayed a quirky sculptor/artist. Pamela is wed to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, and the couple recently welcomed the arrival of their first child Brandon Thomas on June 5, 1996.

Date of Birth
July 1, 1967 in British Columbia, Canada

Vital Statistics
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 105lb

Father: was furnace repairman.
Mother: was a waitress.
Children: Brandon (b. June 6, 1996) and Dylan. (b. December 27, 1997)

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