Chad Hawkins
Detroit, MI

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Chad Hawkins Height: 5' 11" Jacket: 42R
Location: MI Weight: 175 lbs. Shoe: 11
Age Range: n/a Hair: Dark Brown Shirt: 16.5x35
Ethnicity: n/a Eyes: Light Brown Waist: 33
Email: click here Phone: n/a Inseam: 32
For availability & booking information email our talent department or call 800.910.9168 (Ext. 1)


Pharoh Jones - Fraternity Member - Independent
Smarty Pants - Audience Member - Independent
Nascar - Audience Member - Commercial
Dirty Laundry - Trae Trae - MTV Film
Hot Date/Fast Escape- Co-host- WB
Step Show- College Student- Sony

Stage Performance
Oedipus the King - Architech/Chorus - EMU
A Woman Called Truth - Baumfrey - EMU
A Christmas Carol - Bell's Husband - EMU
Shattered Dreams - Corey/Raheem - African Cultural
Molcha James - African Cultural
Close-Up Theatre Troupe - Chad P. Hawkins - EMU
The Boys Next Door - Mr. Corbin - EMU

BFA. in Theatre - BA-Comm., 2002 - EMU
African American Theatre - Wallace Bridges - EMU
Fundamentals of Acting - Karen Smith-Meyer(RIP) - EMU
Voice and Articulation - Lee Stille - EMU
Improvisation & Role Play - Sandra Nelson - EMU
MKTG yourself as an Actor - Cast of Uncle Buck - EMU
Drama-Play in the Human Exp. - Jessica Alexander - EMU

Special Skills
Basketball, Football, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Able to take Criticism Tai Chi, Soccer, Swimming, Ice Skating, Computer Skills, Hip Hop-Rap Artist, Fishing, Active Listening, Hunting, Singing, Club Dancing.

Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc., Founder of the Gamma Rho Chapter at EMU, Step Master-OH Valley Region, Sgt. at Arms-NAACP, Secratary-Black Student Union, Close-Up Theatre Troupe, Players Theatre Troupe.

Southern, East Coast, West Coast, Western, Northern, Drunk, Australian, African, Arabic, Spanish

Commercial Print
Treal Magazine - Volume 5 Issue 2
Promotions Unlimited - Spartan Store Ad - Food&Safety

Capitol Events - Club Lush - 54 Club Event
Events & Promotions - Arts, Beats, Eats - Ben Gay Promo
GD Productions - Martell Security - Alcohol Promo
RBI Inc. - Detroit Fashion Party - F.P.Weekend

Chad Hawkins

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