Tisha Tinsman


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Tisha Tinsman Height: 5' 4" Dress: n/a
Location: NY Weight: 110 lbs. Shoe: 6 1/2
Age Range: 30-40 Hair: Redwood Brown Bust: 34
Ethnicity: Caucasian Eyes: Dark Brown Waist: 25
Email: click here Phone: n/a Hips: 34
For availability & booking information email our talent department or call 800.910.9168 (Ext. 1)

Union: SAG


Therapy - Sally / Principal - Facade Productions
Colgate On Broadway - Choreographer - Colgate Palmolive
MGM Las Vegas - Magician Assistant - Bob Dorian
Tony N' Tina's Wedding - Connie, Mrs. Vitale, Loretta - Mynnelou Prod.

Raising Helen - Pedestrian - Hostage Prod.
Spiderman 2 - Stockbroker - Columbia Pictures
Angels In America - Plate Spinner - Seraphilm Prod.
Molly Gunn - Club Patron - MGM
Jersey Girl - Town Person - Miramax
Annie - Circus Performer - John Houston

Angelo Cataldi Show - Singer/ Featured - Comcast
Ed - Restaurant Patron - Viacom Prod.
Forensic Files - Principal/Rape Victim - Med Star Television
Sex & The City - Hostess / Stand In - HBO Prod.
"Hack" - Nurse - CBS Television

Page 6 Bikini Model - Model - Trentonian Newspaper
Sure Deodorant - Trapeze Artist - People, Rolling Stone
The Magic Ring Book - Aerialist -Hannah Machotka
Italian Vogue Magazine - Neck Hanging Bride - Italian Vogue
NYC Fashion Show Promo - Stilt Walking Model - Ken Duncan Photography
Promotional Catalog - Business Executive - Right Management Corp.
Medford Medical - Dental Model - Medford Medical On Line

T. V. Commercials:
Double Trouble - Bar Patron - Nestle Corp.
Kraft Mac & Cheese - Customer - Griner,Cuesta Assoc.
Miranda Soda Pepsi Co. - Aerialist - Lovinger, Grasser ,Cohen
Zenith Video Movie - Aerialist Principal - Griner, Cuesta Assoc.
The Big Apple Circus - Aerialist Principal - Russek & Assoc.

Ringling Bros B&B Circus - Elephant Rider/Aerialist - Ringling Bros. B&B Circus
The Big Apple Circus - Stilt Walker/ Aerialist - The Big Apple Circus
Nabisco Industrial Shows - Illusion Assistant - Caribiner Prod.
NYC Fashion Show - Stilt Walking Model - Koos Designer
Run Away Circus School - Artistic Director/Founder - Deer Park PA

Special Skills:
Dance, Sing, Swing Dance, Disco Dance, Voices, Accents, Brooklyn, French, Spanish, Italian, Yiddish, Stilt walk, Stunt Work, Aerial Acts Flying, Rope Climbing, Hang from Neck ,Feet, Ankles, Juggle Scarves, Illusion Boxes Ride Elephants, Bare Back Riding, Ride Bicycle, Sew, Cake Decorating, Draw, Softball, Stick Ball, Tennis, Ping Pong, Racquet Ball, Bowling, Good Throwing Arm, Makeup, Butter Sculpture , Hair, Wigs, Circus Costumes , Feather Boas, Beaded Evening Gowns, Furs. Petite Size, Pa. Drivers License. Passport.

Cher , Marilyn. Bark like a dog. Meow like a cat. Make the sound of a whip cream can.& more.
Pets: A Fish .Cars 2002 Silver Honda Civic, 1995 Red Neon. .Own a Ice Cream /Burger Drive In Restaurant
Tisha Tinsman

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