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Jerry Springer will mark his 14th season as host of one of America's most popular talk shows when the program that bears his name launches for a new season Sept. 17, 2004.

Last season, viewers were treated to new twists on their favorite show: a new set, logo, music and production elements for the program that began Sept. 20, 1991, and went on to become a worldwide phenomenon. Introduced a year ago, the hugely popular Springer Cam will return again this season, building on its success by continuing to allow the audience to see the guests at their most outrageous and comic best - both inside and outside of the studio. Now seen in 180 U.S. markets-and such international territories as England, the Netherlands, Canada, Ireland, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Poland and Greece-the Jerry Springer Show is the nation's No. 2 daytime talk show and, during the past season, consistently ranked as one of the top-15 shows in syndication, leading in all key male demographics.

Considered a cultural icon, Springer is a regular guest on The Tonight Show, Late Night with David Letterman, Politically Incorrect and The Conan O'Brien Show. He became a featured character in The Simpsons 1998 Halloween Special and played himself on The X-Files. He has graced the covers of Rolling Stone, Esquire and New York Magazine. Barbara Walters asked Springer to be part of her year-end 10 Most Fascinating People of 1998 special for ABC. In November 2000, Springer served as the master of ceremonies for the Miss World Pageant, and will again host this popular pageant in November 2001.

Adding to his busy schedule, Springer is hosting the hot game show Greed in England in addition to hosting his own weekly British variety show, similar to the Leno and Letterman programs. For the past four years, Springer has regularly substituted in London for the vacationing morning host of This Morning, England's equivalent to the Today Show. Springer was born in London in 1944 just after his family fled from the Holocaust. He emigrated at age 5 to New York City with his family, where he can still recall the sense of awe and anticipation he felt when he first saw the Statue of Liberty and passed through the gates of freedom on Ellis Island. In America, they could live without persecution. Springer is dedicated to upholding the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. His family saw firsthand what happens when those freedoms are denied.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Tulane University, Springer received his law degree from Northwestern University in 1968. His first job after law school was working as one of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy's presidential campaign aides. After Kennedy's assassination, Springer joined a law firm and moved into the political arena himself. He spearheaded the effort to lower the voting age from 21 to 18, which culminated with his Senate Judiciary Committee testimony supporting ratification of the 26th Amendment to the Constitution. He was elected to Cincinnati's Council-at-Large in 1971, serving five successive terms. In 1977, Springer was elected Mayor of Cincinnati by the largest plurality in the city's history. At age 33, he was one of the country's youngest mayors.

Five years later, Springer launched his career in broadcasting as a political reporter and commentator on Cincinnati's WLWT-TV. He became anchor and managing editor in 1984 and was Cincinnati's top-rated news anchor until he relinquished the post in January 1993. During his tenure, Springer received seven Emmy Awards for his nightly commentaries, the forerunner to his "Final Thought," and was voted television's best anchor for five consecutive years by readers of Cincinnati Magazine. Of his professional achievements, Springer is most proud of his involvement with Cincinnati Reaches Out, contributing on-site reporting from Ethiopia and Sudan, where he documented the effort to provide assistance to famine-stricken Africans.

The company that owned WLWT-TV also owned The Phil Donahue Show. One day, Springer's employers took him to lunch and gave him a new assignment: hosting his own talk show. Today, because of the continued popularity of his show, Springer is a sought after guest speaker on college campuses in the U.S. and abroad. In recent years, he has appeared at Yale University, Harvard University, Georgetown University, University of Miami, University of Southern California, San Francisco State, Emory, George Washington, American University and many others. Springer has been a featured guest at Oxford University in England, breaking all attendance records for an invited celebrity speaker in 1999 and 2000.

Ringmaster, a book written by Springer, hit store shelves in November 1998 and shares his personal look behind the scenes of his show and remembrances from his childhood and professional career. Also in November 1998, Springer made his first venture into feature films starring in Ringmaster, a fictionalized chronicle of a television talk show. In 1999, Springer played himself in the hit movie Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

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